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Allen Little with A Little Motivation
Allen Little with A Little Motivation
Allen Little with A Little Motivation is a Professional Speaker, Speaker Trainer, and the founder of the award winning personal development company, A Little Motivation.
Allen’s transformational career started in life coaching. He would help transform the lives of countless individuals with his coaching, and help people create a little voice in their mind that would inspire them, and not devour them. Word got out and for 3 years in a row, his life coaching practice was rated the #1 Life Coaching Practice in Kansas City.
As a speaker, he has given a TEDx Talk, spoken for numerous Fortune 500 companies, and he has been hand selected to speak about our country loving our neighbors more at a presidential rally where Donald Trump was his opponent. Allen's gift is in his speaking and he's leading others to God with it.

Allen’s father is a preacher, his mother is a published author and life coach. And together, they taught Allen that nothing works without faith, love, and always keeping God 1st.
He is the reason for the saying, "All the world needs, is A Little Motivation."